6Scan Website Review & Ratings + 6Scan Coupons
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6Scan Website Review & Ratings + 6Scan Coupons

6Scan: Products & Services

6scan is an automatic website security scan plugins. It protects you from hackers and other malicious or harmful scripts. 6scan performs a server scan using algorithms looking for vulnerabilities. If vulnerabilities are found, these are patched. 6scan also applies a firewall on your site. If any abnormal request or attack attempt is discovered an email notification is automatically sent to the owner of the site. It needs read/ write access on .htaccess file and fopen and curl libraries installed and enabled to perform its action. You have to do nothing about website security when you have installed 6scan plugin. Their featured partners are arvixe, IDA Group and Certified Hosting. It offers you three different plans:

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Enterprises
6Scan: Company Background

6scan’s story begins at Matzov, the Israeli military unit. After spending years designing security algorithms and testing for vulnerabilities, they decided to help people. They couldn't help but noticed a question "My website got hacked; what do I do now?" Solutions they knew were either complicated, expensive, or did only half the job. So they decided to see if they could protect websites that is both affordable and easy enough to use to solve the hacker problem, once and for all - and 6scan was born. More details can be found here.

6Scan: Customer Feedback & Reviews

6scan has provided a customer support on their website. Customers can take suggestions directly from them. Customers can easily reach them through online. Some reviews are given below from different users.

A 5 star review by Slick333 on WordPress :

“ Nice & Easy – good job 6Scan! “


Another 5 star review by JessicaTCooley on WordPress :

“ A few days ago I noticed that Google blacklisted my website due to existence of malware on my website, I have tried many WordPress plugins that claim to fix security issues, none of them succeeded to remove that malware, but then I found 6scan.

With only a few clicks the malware was removed, all security vulnerabilities were fixed to block any future infection, that was really amazing experience.

Thank you!

A review by Lim Boon  "http://www.singapore.to/"Chuan on The Whir :

“I think there is a huge market out there. 6Scan strategy of having free and paid services allow for greater penetration of the web hosting market in that personal web sites who cannot afford the paid services can still make use of the free version and this will help in raising the awareness of their services. For businesses, there is certainly a market out there especially when more and more businesses derive greater percentage of their sales from the Internet.”

6Scan: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Everyone knows why BBB accreditation is important for any company’s web site. BBB accreditation provides a total overview about any company it is important to customers while buying any product from any company. Unfortunately, 6scan.com is not BBB Accredited yet. But, customers can rely on this Israel born company for their unparallel service in the industry.  

6Scan: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There is in one submitted review under Alexa. According to survey 6scan.com is ranked 186,769 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. 28% of visitors to it come from the US, where it is ranked 97,150. It is also popular in Israel, where it is ranked 33,186. Visitors to the site view an average of 3.6 unique pages per day, and the site has a bounce rate of about 28%. 6scan is relatively popular among users in the city of Las Vegas where it is ranked 3,266. There are 127 sites linking into it. The Google Page Rank value is 4 out of 10.

6Scan: Social Media Presence

6scan currently does not maintain any blog for customers there is no link found on their site’s pages. But they are available at the prominent social networking sites these days. Like them on Facebook with 79 likes and 5 talking about them. 6scan can be followed at their Twitter page with 80 followers, 160 following, and contains 23 tweets. You can also contact them through their website. But they have a press link in their website. You can find details there.

6Scan: Website Security & Safety

Every pc user wants to be sure of his pc’s security while surfing on the net. According Google Diagnostic page this 6scan is not currently listed as suspicious. In past 90 days this site had not hosted malicious software. In the past 90 days this site did not appear to function as an intermediary medium for occurring infection in any site.

6Scan: Pricing & Packages

6scan.com offers you three different plans' pricing. Right now, you can enjoy any of the three on their website. You can choose any of them from the following:

  • Basic - $9.99 per month per site
  • Professional - $29.99 per month per site
  • Enterprise - $49.99 per month per site

By agreeing their terms of service you can try free scan here.

6Scan: Shipping Rates & Policies

Due to their services this website does not need any shipping. They provide free scan to the customers. They serve their customer through internet, so there is no need for physical products. This makes their customers have their service online and instantly just clicking a few clicks with their mouse and agreeing the terms and conditions of the site.

6Scan: Payment Methods Accepted

Currently, 6scan.com offers a free scan for any kind of website. Clients do not need to pay for this scanning. By this free scanning opportunity, customers can take a glaze at the company’s service without any cost. However the writer of this review did not find any thing related how to pay to 6scan.com or if they accept any debit card or credit card.

6Scan: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Customers do not enjoy any refund policy offered by 6scan. Since there is no need to pay for scanning first time, return or refund policy is not available at this moment. This is a complete online-based service, returning policy is not applicable here. If you do not like to continue the service, hesitate not to unsubscribe.

6Scan: Product images & screenshots
6Scan Coupons
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